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"When I paint, I feel joy and happiness flowing through me"

With my paintings I express what is in my deepest soul. I would like to share this feeling with everyone. I am mainly touched by the beauty of nature around us. I would like to share these powerful shapes and colors with others, so that they too are touched inwardly. I always try to express the essence of the subject through color, shape and movement. As a result, my paintings stimulate the imagination and thus leave room for the viewer to give his own interpretation to the painting. I find inspiration in the elements air, water, fire and earth. I often paint the energy and essential freedom of nature from different points of view, so that you always see a different image of it. In this way I hope that this gives everyone the freedom to look at it again and again with a different view.

Lots of love and inner peace,


Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.

'Leonardo da Vinci'

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Everything New Water

Nature Flowers Collages

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Send a message to: Alyona.be@mail.com

You can also make an appointment with me for viewing. I can personally visit your home company, etc. by appointment.